Library search tools

Library search tools, also known as library catalogues, are search tools used to provide access to a Library's physical and online collections.

QUT's Library Search is a great starting point to search for a range of information sources. Use it to find physical items in the Library's collection, as well as electronic items. Library Search:

  • brings together results from many databases
  • includes different types of sources, including books and ebooks, journals and journal articles, DVDs, newspaper articles and much more
  • is good for general searches, especially when you are beginning a new search
  • is good for known item searching - such as textbook titles.

Library Search has both a simple search and an advanced search. Advanced search allows you to search for items by Author, or for a specific title such as a Textbook title. See Tips for using the Library Search to find out more.

Quick tip: Library Search does not include all databases/search tools you have access to as a QUT student. Some specialised information (e.g. standards, legislation, maps, Evidence based resources, statistics) is only available through specialised databases. For more information on using specialised databases and why they are important see Module 2.3.2: Databases.