General layout of written assignments

There are some general rules for the layout of written assignments.  However, always check with your lecturer in case there are particular requirements for your assignment. 

  • Include a cover sheet with your name, your student number, the name of the assignment and due date, the name of the unit and the name of the marker. For an essay, include the word count.
  • Line spacing is generally 1.5 or double line spaced
  • Margins are those marked ‘normal’ in Word documents – 2.54cm all around. 
  • Include page numbers
  • Font size should be 12. 


General principles of design

When presenting information in a PowerPoint or on a poster, there are some general principles that are worth following.  


High contrast makes text easier to read and makes your design visable from a distance. Using contrasting images sizes- for example, one large image with a few smaller supporting images, creates emphasis.


Keep to a colour scheme of 2-3 colours, and avoid special effects (such as transitions in a PowerPoint presentation) unless you use it to support your content. Do not let the design overwhelm the content of your poster or presentation.


If basing your presentation or poster on an essay, do not just copy and paste your text into the new format. Instead, consider ways to condense your main arguments, such as  bullet points, tables and diagrams.

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