It is important to choose a communication medium that best supports the purpose of your information product and its intended audience. When doing your assignment, you will most often be given the medium to use- for example, an essay, a poster or a presentation.  

Some points you should always consider include:

  • Why are you communicating?
  • What are you communicating?
  • Who are you communicating with?

Why are you communicating?

Reasons for communicating can vary.

You might be:

  • Writing a formal submission to obtain funding
  • Writing to persuade people to a point of view
  • Writing to pass on news to a friend or relative

Your reasons for writing will affect how formally you structure your writing and what words you choose to express yourself.

What are you communicating?

Factors to consider when determining what communication medium to use include:

  • Have you been given guidelines?
  • How much does the audience know already?
  • How much time do you have?

Who are you communicating with?

When writing for people in positions of authority or respect, or to people you don't know, the writing would be more formal.  Writing to a friend who knows you well would be much less formal. 

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