Are sources of facts listed?

  • Many documents contain references and in-text citations that can be used to confirm data or factual statements. When reading scholarly or peer-reviewed publications you can expect to see references to verify the facts and perspectives presented. If these references are not available, the accuracy of the information may be questionable.
  • Check that the information cited does actually come from the cited source.

Can the information be verified?

  • Key facts should always be verified to ensure they are accurate.
  • You may need to refer to the original publication cited to gain the full perspective of this information, and to verify that research conclusions have not been misquoted or misrepresented in the citing source.

examining a graph

Has the information been thoroughly edited?

  • Multiple spelling and grammatical errors imply that the information has not been thoroughly checked for inaccuracies.


Activity indicatorRead this article: Corporate Responsibility in the Marketplace. Consider the article in terms of referencing and authority. Which of the following is correct?