For any in-depth research topic, use a variety of search tools to ensure you get the broadest possible coverage of the literature.

If you have not found enough literature to support your ideas, try another search tool! See 2.4 Select an appropriate tool. Quick Find will try to match your search with a more appropriate search tool, such as another database.

suggested database in Quick Find

If you are looking for periodical articles, ensure you search at least two or three different databases.

You can choose a database to suit your needs in several ways:

  • Library databases page - allows you to choose your Faculty and then browse the subjects to find appropriate databases that have been suggested by your Liaison Librarian. See 2.4.2 Choose the right database for more information.
  • Subject guides - These guides include suggested databases, research tips for your discipline and other key resources.
  • Need help? - Visit the Library, call, email or online chat.