very specific search showing too few results (2, to be precise)

Check your spelling

Have you mistyped or misspelt any terms? Have you considered variations in spelling of terms? Wildcards can help with this. See 2.3.6 Truncation and wildcards.

For example: Rather than searching on globalisation (Australian), also search on globalization (U.S.).

Are you being too specific?

Think carefully about your search terms. If trying a phrase search, break the phrase into two separate keywords. Can you broaden your search terms? Try to think of alternative search terms. Drop any unimportant concepts from your search strategy.

For example: Rather than searching on casinos, search on gambling.

Use truncation

Remember, truncation is a search strategy that uses a symbol to find records that include any term starting with the word stem. Truncation helps to broaden your search. See 2.3.6 Truncation and wildcards.

Could it be that not much has been written on the topic?

Possibly limited research has been conducted on your topic. Before you can make this conclusion however, you need to make sure you have searched a number of different search tools. A last resort Google search will indicate whether your topic has been written about at all (even outside of academic sources) and perhaps introduce better search terms to retry in databases. If unsure, consult teaching and library staff.

Are you using the most appropriate tool?

One of the easiest ways to tell if the search tool is appropriate is to do a basic keyword search on your main concept.

For example: If a keyword search for ethics returns a handful of results, adding additional concepts will return even fewer results. Consider reviewing your search tools.