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Library Search

Library Search is a great starting point to search for articles and books as well as items located in the Library.

Many university libraries offer a "federated search tool" which combines the search results form a number of tools. QUT's Library Search is an example.

Library Search:

  • brings together results from the many databases and QUT ePrints
  • contains no unique records: it simply provides a unified gateway to many resources
  • is good for quick searches, especially when you know the item you're looking for
  • is good for general searches, when you are beginning a new topic search.

If you are looking for a certain type of information - for example a standard, or if you're researching in a particular discipline, for example, life sciences, you will achieve better results if you select a database specific to your purpose.

Tips for using Library Search

If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for consider the following:

Tip #1 Use filters

Filters are a very useful way to refine your search results. Useful options include "publication date", "select a format' and "limit by keyword".

Tip #2 Browse items

Use this search to find items by title or author (and even subject terms if you prefer). This is limited to finding items held by the Library such as books and ebooks, DVDs and videos, journals, newspapers and other items. It does not find articles.

Tip #3 Use the Advanced Search

Advanced search will help to narrow results by using options such as:

  • Title - use to find a specific article or book tile
  • Author name - for finding information by a specific author
  • Subject terms - use to find information on a particular subject

Using other libraries

If a book or periodical article is not available at QUT library, eligible staff and students can request it from another library using the Document Delivery service. You can also join or search other libraries.