A web page is an electronic document available via a URL on the internet. A group of related, interlinked pages is called a web site. Most web resources are available free of charge, though some are subject to a fee. Library databases, subscribed to by QUT on your behalf, are an example. Accessing these will be discussed in 2.4.2 Databases.

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Use Web pages to:

  • find government information
  • find company information
  • find technical information, such as software documentation and help manuals
  • find music and sound and video
  • find statistics.


Activity: Revise different publication types

 Drag the correct publication to the information need.

What current issues are affecting the fashion industry?
Analyse the portrayal of refugees in current affairs programs.
Find information about government funded mental health initiatives.
Research the use of homeopathic methods of pain management.
Find out the theory of gas exchange in plants.
trade magazine
web site
scholarly journal