Legislation is a broad term that describes the laws that are made by parliaments, or bodies given the power to make laws. Legislation is made by state and federal parliaments and local governments.

Legislation and legislative materials includes a number of different documents such as:

  • Acts as passed/made
  • Reprints/acts as in force/current acts
  • Subordinate Legislation, for example, Regulations and By-laws
  • Bills and Explanatory memoranda
  • Hansard/proceedings of Parliament

Legislation is published by a government Printer. Legislation is available in print and also online on legislation web sites.

Use legislation to:

  • Read and understand the law on a particular subject (acts, reprints, subordinate legislation)
  • Understand the intention of the parliament  with regard to a particular piece of legislation (Explanatory Notes/ Memoranda; Hansard)


  • Aboriginal Land Act 1991
  • Hansard Record of Proceedings

Aboriginal land act 1991 Hansard record of proceedings