Periodical is a collective term for newspaper, magazine, and journal, so called because they are published at regular intervals (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). Periodicals are good sources of current information.

Material: Definition: Find information on: Examples:
Newspapers Aimed at a general readership and are usually issued on a daily basis. Content includes news, editorials, cartoons and advertising. Current events or items of local interest. The Courier-mail
Magazines Popular interest material written in non-scholarly language. Usually heavily illustrated and contain advertising. Articles are usually short, do not include bibliographies and often do not indicate an author. Public sentiment and popular trends. New Scientist
The Bulletin
National Geographic
Trade publications Publish information relevant to a specific industry. Industry trends. Retail world
Business Review Weekly
Journals Original research and commentary on recent developments in specific disciplines. Original research and expert commentary. Nature
Journal of Business Ethics
Comparative Education Review

Types of Journal

When referring to journals, the terms scholarly and peer reviewed are often used.

Articles published in scholarly journals report on research or analytical studies undertaken in a scholarly environment. They are usually published by an academic institution, research body, professional organisation or scholarly press. They usually don’t contain a lot of glossy pictures or advertisements. Specialised language is used as it is assumed the reader is familiar with the topic. Scholarly articles include the following parts:

parts of a scholarly article

Peer reviewed journals are scholarly journals that are subjected to a strict approval process, with one or more experts reviewing the articles before they are accepted for publication. This process is designed to ensure the article is accurate, well researched, and contributes to the body of knowledge in a field. Peer reviewed is synonymous with refereed. See 3.3.1 Reliability of the source for how to locate them.

Empirical articles report on research using data collected from experiments or observations. They are usually published in scholarly journals. Empirical articles follow a strict structure including a

  • literature review
  • methodology section
  • Results
  • Discussion

For more information on empirical articles see Cite|Write.