Demonstrates how to search for and verify articles as peer reviewed.

From: 3.3.1 Reliability of the source
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 2:51


Many databases, including Quick Find, offer a ‘peer reviewed article’ limit. 

First, enter your search keywords in the Quick Find search box.  Click to search. 

In this example, there are 23, 633 results. 

In most databases, ‘peer reviewed’ is an option in the limits. 

Tick the limit box and redo the search. 

There are 4,825 results.  Peer reviewed can considerably reduce results. 

This list contains articles from peer reviewed journals. 

If you ever need to double check that a journal is peer reviewed ...

Copy the name of the journal and use a database called UlrichsWeb to find out.

To find UlrichsWeb, use ‘Find Databases’ on the library website.

Enter the name of the database, UlrichsWeb, in the search box and click to search. 

Click on the title to connect.  You will need to enter your QUT login. 

Paste the name of the journal to check in the UlrichsWeb search box and click to search. 

For this example, there are print and electronic versions of the journal. 

The symbol of a book at the beginning of the line, indicates that the journal is peer reviewed. 

Click on the title for more details to find the full record for the journal. 

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