Demonstrates evaluating the quality of a web site as a academic research resource.

From: 3.3.7 Evaluate a web site
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 2:20


This is the website of the Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division

Let’s investigate its quality as a research resource

The domain in the url is .org, used for non profit organisations

But it’s unusual for a non profit web site to feature so many products and advertisements

The last update is listed as is the author but no qualifications or affiliations are listed

Let’s now look at some of the content on the site

This page lists a lot of facts but no references are given as to their source

This ink for the Environmental Assessment Centre may help to provide some background

But the URL shows that we are on another page of the DHMO website, not on the page of the EAC

Let’s review more content

This page uses very emotive language and seems to intend to frighten the reader

This link mentions “conspiracy”, a possible clue this site seeks to persuade the reader

The suggestion that the EPA is equal to the CIA seems extreme and suggests the information may not be entirely objective

Overall, there are several signs this web site is not authoritative and may have an agenda

In fact, one vital piece of information has been excluded in order to persuade the reader

If you verified the information elsewhere, you would discover that dihydrogen monoxide is more commonly known as water

The real agenda of this website is to reinforce the importance of evaluating the information you use for assignments