Demonstrates and compares how to use subject headings in the library catalogue, Quick Find and in a database.

From: 2.3.1: Keyword or subject searching
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 3:03


Let’s compare using subject headings in the catalogue, Quick Find and in a subject database. 

When viewing a catalogue record, scroll down to view the subject headings.

Click the heading to see more items on the same subject. 

Here is our heading and associated headings. 

Note the number of items filed under each subject. 

Select a heading and click.  We now have a small relevant set of results. 

Let’s compare with using subject headings in Quick Find. 

Quick Find automatically compiles a list of subjects that relate to your results. 

Tick headings to add them to your search. 

In the previous video, the keyword ‘gambling’ returned 788,074 results. 

Using the subject gambling, we find 30,036 results. 

Tick multiple subjects to find fewer results. 

Using multiple subjects, we have narrowed to 125 results. 

Finally, let’s look at a specialist psychology database, Psychinfo. 

In the tick box above the search box tick subject terms and click to search.

Choose from the suggested and related headings. 

Tick the box of the subject heading you want and click add. 

Note that the subject is now in the search box.  Click to search. 

There are around 2319 results for the subject ‘pathological gambling’. 

To narrow, search for more subjects, or add keywords, or use the limits.

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