Demonstrates and compares how to keyword search in the library catalogue and in Quick Find.

From: 2.3.1: Keyword or subject searching
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 2:39


A keyword search looks for an exact match to your search terms anywhere in each item record. 

Let’s compare the catalogue and Quick Find. 

Tick the catalogue for books, ebooks, DVDs and other formats.

Click to search. 

There are 9689 results for our keyword ‘gambling’ in the catalogue.

Use the limits on the left to narrow your results.  Lets limit to video. 

There are 20 videos for ‘gambling’.

Click a title to go to the catalogue record. 

Note the location, availability and call number. 

Let’s now compare this catalogue search with a search across ‘everything’ in Quick Find. 

The ‘everything’ button is the default in Quick Find. 

Type ‘gambling’ into the Quick Find search box and click to search. 

Searching all of Quick Find, we have around 788,074 results for ‘gambling’. 

This will include results from the catalogue. 

To narrow your results, try adding another keyword. 

Add ‘counselling’ into the search box and click to search. 

There are fewer results but still 21,006 for ‘gambling counselling’.

Let’s limit to journal articles under Content Type on the left of the page.

There are 3828 journal articles for ‘gambling counselling’.

The list is sorted by relevance so the strongest articles should be at the top. 

Click to access the article. 

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