Demonstrates where to find QUT Fulltext Finder, and how to use it to link to the full text of a journal article.

From: 2.4.2 Databases
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 1:30


Many databases include a majority of articles in full text

If full text is not available look for a link:  “find full text”

We’re now viewing the full details of this article

Often the QUT Fulltext Finder button is used to link to full text in individual databases

Clicking Fulltext Finder performs a quick search for this article across other QUT Databases.

Fulltext Finder suggests other articles that may be useful

This links to all issues of the journal

And here, the individual article that we’re looking for

Look for the PDF and click to download

When searching in Quick Find, you’ll notice Fulltext Finder is used to link articles to full text in other databases.