Demonstrates using the database subject guide to find discipline specific databases.

From: Choose the right database
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 1:29


While you can use Quick find for initial database research, individual subject databases offer a more comprehensive search. 

On the Library page, browse databases by faculty or click ‘find databases’ for all options. 

On the database search page, if you know the name of the database you need, type it in the database search box or choose from ‘most popular databases’ underneath. 

To browse by discipline, click your faculty.

Let’s look under Humanities for an ethics database.

In the Humanities list, click to see databases for ethics. 

On the results page, key resources are listed at the top. 

Click ‘about this database’ for details or click the database name to connect. 

You will need your username and password to access.

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