Demonstrates how to search for an ebook in the library catalogue when starting with the reference.

From: 1.2 Locate your references
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 2:05 mins



The ebook is A short guide to ethical risk by Rotta.

You can search for book and ebook titles via the catalogue.

Or you can enter the title of the ebook into Quick Find and click on the ‘books and ebooks’ button above Quick Find to limit the search to book and ebooks. 

And click on the search button to search. 

On the results page this is the printed version of our ebook.

This is the ebook version. 

Click the title. 

Here is the catalogue record. 

Click the link to view online. 

You will need to use your QUT login. 

Here is the ebook. 

Click the arrows on the menu bar to turn the page. 

You can search for terms In the Search Documents box or click the chapter headings to browse.

Click to check your printing allowance on the InfoTools button.

With this book you could print 40 pages in total. 

Click to download on the download button.

For some ebooks, you will need to create a free account to do so. 

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