Demonstrates how to break down an assignment question using directive words, limiting words and key concepts.

From: 1.1 Define your topic
Format: Streamed from YouTube
Time: 2:20 mins



Consider the following assignment topic

Discuss whether the practice of offering inducements to encourage gambling is ethical. Use at least two ethical theories to support your discussion

Start by identifying directive words, such as evaluate, discuss or contrast

Directive words: can you guess where they are?


Next look for limiting words such as discuss two examples or in the last 10 years

Limiting words: Can you guess where they are?

Two ethical theories

Lastly identify the key concepts to research

Key concepts: can you guess where they are?

Inducements, gambling and ethical

We’ve now analysed the assignment question

Directive words: what kind of task is this?

Key concepts: which keywords will you search?

And Limiting words: what is the scope?