QUT Library supports the University's commitment to ensuring that its web sites are available to all users. The site will be reviewed regularly as part of QUT Library's usability and accessibility testing processes. However, if you should have any difficulty using Study Smart, please contact us.

Shortcut (access) keys

A number of shortcut keys (also known as access keys) are provided on this website. These keyboard combinations allow you to navigate quickly to a standard set of QUT and site pages:

  • 0 - Accessibility and access key information
  • 1 - QUT home page
  • 2 - Study Smart home page
  • 3 - Study Smart contact details
  • 4 - Library home page
  • 6 - Study Smart sitemap
  • 7 - Places the cursor in the Study Smart search box

To use a shortcut, hold down the modifier key and press the relevant number key. To find the right modifier key see your browser's documentation or check on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_key.