Study Smart is provided by QUT Library as a learning tool to assist you with the development of the knowledge and skills you require to find, use and evaluate information. Launched in 2012, Study Smart is the most recent redevelopment of the Pilot tutorial which has been used and adapted worldwide since its original release in 1999. This tutorial consists of six related, but independent modules:

  1. Understand your assignment task
  2. Identify and find information
  3. Evaluate your information
  4. Manage your information
  5. Synthesise and communicate your ideas
  6. Use your information appropriately

For an overview of the content of each of these areas, see the sitemap. These modules are supported by the Study Smart Quiz.

Study Smart Quiz

The Study Smart Quiz is a set of 20 questions which assess your understanding of the module content. This Quiz is available via Blackboard and is tailored to suit each faculty. 50% accuracy entitles you to a pass mark which is recognised by some lecturers in their units of study.

You can access the Study Smart Quiz at anytime to test your understanding of the modules, and seek to improve your score. Click on the 'Q' in the black bar at the top of any page. Twenty questions will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Academic staff wishing to find out more about Study Smart Quiz should have a look at the staff information available from the Study Smart Quiz, or contact their Liaison Librarian.


For a history of Study Smart and the Pilot online information literacy tutorial, please see the acknowledgements section of this site.